The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog

Long Live Dogs

Dogs are the best. Let's keep 'em around as long as possible.

In this launch campaign for DTC fresh dog food brand, The Farmer's Dog, we set out to let the world know that there was a new and better way to feed their dogs. Our mission was twofold: first, to let people know that the Farmer's Dog is a company that truly loves dogs and has dog's best interests in mind, and second to educate people about the evils of "big Kibble". Without the first point, nobody would believe the second.


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The campaign is a celebration of dogs being dogs whether they're digging a hole, sleeping on your sofa, or bringing an enormous stick into the house.

Phase two of the campaign was more hard hitting. We knew from research that people didn't realize that kibble, even the fancy science stuff, is highly processed and nutritionally suspect. Side by side comparisons were engineered to get people to rethink their relationship with kibble.

Below is an actual correspondence between a customer and the Farmer's Dog shortly after the campaign launched. If you can get someone tattooing themselves with your tagline, you've done something right.