Lowes Foods Choptober

Lowes Foods Choptober

Summer Campaign

Lowes Foods chops, you keep your fingers

A trip to Carolinas grocery chain, Lowes Foods, is unlike any other. Start off at the beer den and choose from dozens of local beers - don't worry there's a cup holder on your cart. If you happen to be there when the chicken comes out of the oven you'll see the chefs come out and do the chicken dance while music plays on the loudspeaker. Press a button and watch the animatronic Sausage Works sign spring into action. It's not just shopping, it's an experience. One of Lowes Foods' most useful services is the Pick and Prep counter. Just pick out your produce and they'll prepare it any way you like while you shop. We dedicated the summer of 2020 to celebrating the wonder of on-demand produce prepping with Choptober, a six week festival of chopping.


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The campaign consisted of out of home, in-store, display, social, digital audio, CTV, and video

On TV, a lawyer-like spokesperson encouraged people to avoid the danger of the kitchen and go to Pick and Prep instead.

Those who actually called the hotline were rewarded with an interactive recording that narrowed down what exactly they were cutting, and how it might have hurt. Here's a sample: