Northwest Arkansas Council

Northwest Arkansas Council

Life Works Here

Changing the regional narrative.

Though Northwest Arkansas is home to three Fortune 500 companies, a vibrant arts scene, 322 miles of world-class mountain biking and a low cost of living, people from outside the region have not looked favorably upon the prospect of moving there for work.

Walrus was tasked with finding a way to let people know that there was more to Northwest Arkansas than meets the eye. The result: “Life Works Here," a regional branding initiative that looks to highlight the things that make the area special, a true work life balance paired with enormous economic opportunity.


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People's perceptions of Northwest Arkansas have not kept up with all the exciting things happening in the region, and if you're moving there you may need some help convincing your friends and family that it's a good idea. This series of spots helps lay out the argument.

Out of home targeting workers were placed in Seattle and Austin - key markets for the talent we want to drive to the region.