Amazon Go

Amazon Go

New York City Launch

The Fastest Stores in NYC

AmazonGo is an entirely new type of shopping experience from Amazon. It's a brick and mortar, cashier-free convenience store, that literally takes seconds to shop. We were tasked with handling the launch of their first four New York City locations. The good news was, if ever there were a market that would appreciate a faster shopping experience, it's New York. The tricky part was that this was an entirely new type of offering from Amazon, a brand that is synonymous with e-commerce primarily, and non-perishable goods secondarily. We needed to help people understand three things: 1. That AmazonGo was an actual physical store 2. That it sold food, and 3. That it was mind-bogglingly fast and simple.


Strategy • Creative • Production

Why say it when you can show it? We realized that we could demo the entire AmazonGo shopping experience in under 15 seconds.

Another way to demo the experience is with audio. Being able to cover everything in five or ten seconds reinforces AmazonGo's dedication to speed.