Quality Branded Restaurants

Quality Branded Restaurants

The art of the NYC Phone Kiosk

Driving foot traffic at street level.

Quality Branded operates multiple restaurants across the whole of Manhattan. They've also been a Walrus client for over 10 years, and over those years we've done everything from stunts, to web banners, to newspaper ads, but the one medium that moves the needle with the most regularity: phone kiosks. They're all over the city, so you can cherry-pick your locations around the restaurants. They're outdoor so lots of people see them, and nobody gets very creative with them, so if you do manage to post something interesting, people tend to notice.


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Twice a year Quality Branded restaurants team up to offer up a deal straight out of the 80's - lunch featuring all the wine you can drink for just $20.

Quality Eats is hard to define - it's part steakhouse, part bar, part afterwork cocktail gathering spot. Here we helped quantify the place in a language everyone in the business world can relate to: venn diagrams.

One thing that never gets old is trolling rival steakhouse DelFriso's. In this instance, the day their ad buy ended, we replaced all of their kiosks with our own. The messaging made it clear that we felt this was an upgrade.