Feats of Middle Age

Middle-aged bodies don’t work the way they used to.

We were tasked with breathing new life into Slow-Mag—a decades-old magnesium brand that had never advertised and was languishing on the bottom shelf in the vitamin aisle. Slow-Mag's specific formulation is great for muscles, so we decided to focus our efforts on a group that could truly use the help: 40-something men. Around the age of 40, men are likely experiencing the first signs of middle age in their muscles—random aches, prolonged soreness and increased difficulty in completing once simple tasks like putting on a pair of socks. We set out to let these men know that they were not alone, and that Slow-Mag was there to help them conquer these Feats of Middle Age


Research • Strategy • Creative • Media Buying / Planning • Package Design

Videos were programmatically targeted across digital and connected TV platforms.

Ads in fitness-centric publications highlighted everyday tasks that could once again be everyday tasks thanks to Slow-Mag.

Geo-targeted digital audio ran on exercise-themed playlists.

Cover wraps featuring a satirical guide to middle-aged muscles went in the waiting rooms of 1,400 sports medicine specialists.

A fake Outbrain ad led to a long and also fake article about how best to use your feet to retrieve items from the floor.

We sponsored slow-pitch softball leagues across the country, providing them with jerseys, swag and samples.

We even provided a much-needed design update to the SlowMag branding and packaging.

Here's the entire case study:

In the four months after launch: