Tiny Toast

Tiny Toast

Humans Can't Resist

For bears it's salmon; for humans it's Tiny Toast.

Walrus was tapped to handle the launch of Tiny Toast, General Mills' first new cereal brand since 1991. Our target audience was teenagers who hold sway on what breakfast foods end up in the shopping cart. The only problem was that teens didn't care about cereal ads, and they watched zero television. General Mills' tried-and-true cereal launch playbook wasn't going to work. For today's teens, media starts and ends with mobile devices; that's where we started too.


Research • Strategy • Creative • Design

The 100% mobile media plan was built entirely around teens' favorite apps and all the work was customized to each platform.

We also knew that in order to break through with an audience that had grown up watching some pretty weird stuff on the internet, we couldn't be safe and boring. The resulting campaign talked up the cereal's superior flavor in terms that teens could relate to.

We created over 50 pieces of platform-specific content.

Digital radio expanded on the idea

Five-second bumpers were added to other General Mills spots for launch

Watch the full case study below