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History Channel

Join or Die with Craig Ferguson

The debate before the debate.

On Join or Die with Craig Ferguson, experts, comedians and celebs debate the biggest historical questions of our time: Who were history's biggest frenemies? What was the most doomed political campaign? Before each episode we released a series of videos making the case for each candidate to get fans excited and debating in the days leading up to the show.


Creative • Strategy

This launch spot kicked off the campaign on TV.

Doomed Political Campaign."

"History's Biggest Frenemies"


Interactive gear guide.

On Alone, History Channel's top-rated program, 10 contestants are dropped on a remote spot on Vancouver Island, a temperate rainforest that features bears, wolves and cougars, and asked to survive as long as possible. Contestants are only allowed to bring 10 items, and given the stakes, it's important to choose wisely.

This interactive gear guide showed what items each contestant chose, and featured video of them explaining why they chose them.