Shop For Good

Shop For Good

Shop for Good

Kevin Bacon helps local businesses

Shop for Good allows people who shop at participating local stores to donate a percentage of their purchase to the charity of their choice. Kevin Bacon is a big supporter of the program and we were able to put his involvement to good use.


Creative • Production

This holiday spot encouraged shoppers to go to their local participating stores and donate. We gave the spot the look and feel of a local commercial (which helped because we only had $10k to do it).

We also created a set of downloadable gift tags for people to use with their charitable purchase.

In order to encourage local businesses to sign up for the program, we dangled a carrot that's hard to refuse: Kevin Bacon as your local spokesperson. The Kevin Bacon Commercial Generator made it easy.

Just plug in your info, and the generator spits out an ad specifically customized to your business. Here's one for a local butcher:

This outtake reel of Kevin rattling off the full range of possible local tag lines is both hilarious and mesmerizing.