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Smith & Wollensky

Name Change

Antonopoulos & Wollensky – it actually happened!

Steakhouse goers are a unique bunch – once they reach a certain age, they pick one and settle down, rarely deviating from their establishment of choice. In order to accelerate this behavior, Smith & Wollensky rewarded patrons who were willing to take a pledge of allegiance, with the utmost piece of flattery: the restaurant would take on their name. Every day for an entire month, the restaurant renamed itself after a different customer.

The Smith & Wollensky “Name Change” campaign received a 2013 North American Effie Award.


Creative • Media • Production

We started by removing "Smith" from the outside of the building

And we announced what was happening in the New York Times

Digital led to this page.

The terms and conditions ensured that nobody messed around.

People entered and the names went up.

We didn't just change the signs - we changed the napkins, matchbooks, knives, even the waiter's jackets.

See the whole thing in action here: