Making friends with vitamin-C

World's fizziest content

We were Emergen-C's AOR for five years. We developed the brand voice and built their social media presence from the ground up and stayed with the brand through their Pfizer acquisition. When we started they had zero social media presence, and by the end we had millions of followers across Facebook and Instagram across the US and the UK. We handled all things digital, from display, to ECRM, to their site allowing us to be extremely efficient with assets and to have full visibility into our effectiveness. Everything was photographed in-house at Walrus HQ, and a DIY aesthetic gave the brand a down-to-earth personality while allowing us to do do more with less.


Creative • Research • Strategy • Media Strategy • Social Strategy • Creative • ECRM • Identity • Design • Site • UK TV • Global On-Boarding

Everyone loves Emergen-C for its fruity flavors, so it only made sense to bring the fruit to the forefront of everything we did. This is just a small sampling of the thousands of images and videos we created to live across the various social platforms.

"Failed Flavors" posts never failed to set the comments section afire.

"Say it with Fruit" allowed users to send a friend a free sample of Emergen-C along with a customized singing e-card, like this one:

For Emergen-Z, a sleep aid, we created a post so boring it'd put you to sleep. This single post generated 298,601 clicks, and over seven thousand likes and comments—defying all "best practices" when it comes to long copy in Facebook posts.

A lot of our programs revolved around engaging the community. Here, fans' Emergen-C stories were turned into custom boxes.

With our "story to life" campaign, we took user stories and turned them into videos, illustrations, cakes etc. in real time. The video below, based on a user's post, was made in an hour and reposted to Facebook. We created over 50 stories like this, live, over the course of two days.