Islay Single Malt

Terroir matters.

Remy Cointreau tapped Walrus to handle the US launch of Bruichladdich, an Islay single malt whisky, and The Botanist Gin. While this was technically a launch, Bruichladdich has been around since the mid-1800's, and among Scotch aficionados it has a cult following. Bruichladdich believes that, as with wine, the terroir in which the ingredients originate has a huge effect on the end product. They source their barley from locally on Islay (something that hasn't been done since before WWI), age their liquid by the sea and even get their water from a specific local well. Our task was to convey this idea to the local market (distributors, bartenders, influencers) and help them understand why Bruichladdich is so unique.


Creative • Strategy • Production

These custom enclosures travelled the country to whisky festivals, tastings, and private events. Modeled after the iconic blue Bruichladdich packaging, participants could step inside and become fully immersed in the history and topography of Islay, Scotland.

The Botanist Gin features 22 botanicals hand foraged on Islay. This enclosure featured flavor profiles of each botanical and allowed event goers to experience their unique aromas through custom tinctures.