Still don't have your

Super Bowl Spot?

There's still time. Let Walrus make it and
if it isn't one of the TOP FIVE favorite
ads, you don't have to pay us.

How it works:

You pay for the media. It must be a national spot that runs during the game on February 12, 2023.

You pay for all out of pocket production costs.

You don't pay us our fee unless the spot appears in one of the top five slots on the USA Today Ad Meter published the day after the game.

Why are we doing this:

  1. We haven't made a Super Bowl Spot before.
  2. We think we'd be good at it.
  3. We want our parents to finally see something we've done.

We will do this for one brand only. If we have multiple brands that are interested, we will determine which one based our conversations with the brand team.