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  • Creative team

    You know the rules, now break them

    We are on the lookout for a creative team with 2-4 years experience - i.e you've been working long enough that you understand how it all works but not so long that your soul has died. Ideal qualities: smart, funny, driven, nice. 

    Send your book to and put "creative team" in the subject line.

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  • Account Director

    Lead our newest account!

    Working in account management at Walrus is the exact opposite of working in the account department of a

    big agency. You will be treated as an equal by the creative department, you will be asked to use your mind,

    and you will be asked to think strategically. Your insights will be sought out and valued. Your clients will rely

    on you for insights and direction; and the agency will rely on you for the same things. In an extremely flat

    management structure you will be instrumental in ensuring that great business-driving ideas make it into the

    world. You will be given all the responsibility you can handle. You will sing karaoke.

    You are responsible for establishing, maintaining and growing effective and profitable client relationships

    which result in continued new business and creative opportunities for Walrus. Manage the day-to-day

    operations of client accounts including understanding client needs and effectively driving projects, working

    with internal teams to meet client expectations, meeting all budget guidelines and service deliverables. You

    will lead, coach and develop an Account Executive.

    Reports directly to the Managing Director.

    Essential Functions

    Develops senior level client relationships that result in continued growth and profit opportunities for Walrus.

    Constantly seeks and identifies new opportunities.

    Provides leadership, coaching and professional development to the Account Executive; mentors and trains,

    allocates and audits work, conducts performance reviews and suggest pay increases.

    Leads the new business development/pitch process to bring everything Walrus has to offer to prospective

    clients. Works with internal team to define new business pitch requirements. Would a more accurate

    description be: Works closely with COO on new business pitches as a team leader and resource and ensure all

    internal departments are working collaboratively.

    Develops a clear understanding of the client’s business objectives, challenges, target audience and

    growth/expansion expectations, designing creative solutions that provide immediate and long-term success.

    Thought leader who has a full understanding of the clients business, goals, develops situation analysis,

    challenges, competitive reviews and measurement criteria and tracking for all campaigns.

    Collaborates with producer to define project strategy and scope, create budget estimates, write Statements of

    Work and Change Orders, production estimates, weekly job/budget tracking. Negotiates change orders when


    Works with team to develop a clearly defined creative and media briefs that contain concise information on


    the product, audience and strategy enabling them to develop creative concepts and media plans.

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  • Head of Strategy

    We need your mind

    A lot of agencies pay lip service to strategy, only wheeling the strategists out for pitches in order to backward engineer briefs off of existing creative executions, and to dazzle clients with process. We are true believers in the power of a tight, smart creative insight to spark great ideas. Our best work has always come from the best briefs. Help us write more of them. Help us keep our clients on track and single minded. Help us better understand our audiences and their mindsets. Help us develop unique ways to tease out those insights. Help us lead our clients who want to believe in the gospel of creativity but need the tools to prove to their bosses that they’re not crazy.


    For the past two years, we’ve been building out our capabilities to give us fuller control over every aspect of the work. Strategy is an integral piece to the puzzle.




    ?       Oversee all aspects of strategy and lead with a distinct creative point of view and execute plans and solutions to deliver against it

    ?       Partner with executive team and discipline leads to build positive relationships, create great work and develop/improve new and different ways of working together

    ?       Strategically build client relationships, identifying new ways to broaden offer, and grow existing relationships and revenue

    ?       Cultivate a company culture that breeds ingenuity, optimism, trust, collaboration and growth

    ?       Facilitate thought leadership throughout the organization

    ?       Develop common standards, practices and tools for best in class strategy and creative ideas

    ?       Be a magnet for world-class talent who can drive the agency forward


    Qualifications and Requirements:

    ?       8-15 years of creative business experience within a brand owner, creative agency or consultancy

    ?       Minimum 4+ years strategic leadership experience in a creative agency or consultancy

    ?       Pitch experience – must have led the strategic process from inception to presention

    ?       A diverse background of strategic skills and disciplines

    ?       High creative taste level and a passion to create award winning work

    ?       A track record of leading and growing senior client relationships

    ?       Intellectually minded and relentlessly curious to explore new territories and help the organization explore new/different/better ways to enhance success, growth and revenue

    ?       Have a voice in the industry – articles, speaking engagements, etc.

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    We are always looking for creative people to join our growing team. Send resume and brief message using link below.

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